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In food and nutrition

it refers to the Islamic dietary standard prescribed in Shariah (Islamic Law). Islam defines HALAL as permissible or lawful.

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9th July Eid Ul Adha*
Based on Moonsighting
What is Qurbani?

Who is it Compulsory for?

Qurbani is compulsory upon every able-bodied Muslim, sane, mature and meets the Zakat criteria in the days of Hajj.

Hadith: The Prophest(SAW) said : "The first thing we will do on this day of ours, is to offer the Eid prayer and then return to make the sacrifice. Whoever does so, he acted according to our Sunnah" (Bukhari)

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Qurbani 2022

Charity Organisations

Here are 3 charities offering Qurbani in different parts of the World.

One Nation is a UK-based relief and development charity which has continued to support local and international relief projects to help improve lives.

Visit One Nation

Works to spread the true charitable teaching of Islam, spreading love and peace whilst reaching out to those most in need.

Visit Al Mubarak Website

Purpose of Life is a UK-based non-profit charity that was established in 2014. We are dedicated to providing aid within the UK and throughout the world.

Visit POL Website

Rules for Qurbani

  • Knives are not to be sharpened in front of the animal that is being sacrificed.
  • No animal is to be slaughtered in front of another animal

When the sacrifice is being made, the words "Bismillahi allhu akbar" are to be said.
The animal is not to be skinned until the body is entirely cold
Any animal chosen for sacrifice should be in good health and have no illness or disease
Providing you knowledge and guidance

Why eat Halaal food

Consuming Halal is an order of Allah and an essential part of the Islamic faith. Allah has repeatedly emphasised the consumption of Halal in His book


Donate to One Nation

Account Name: One Nation
Account Number: 01253801
Sortcode: 30-00-83
IBAN: GB89 ARAY 3000 8301 2538 01
Swift: ARAYGB22

Al Mubarak Foundation

Account Name: Al Mubarak Foundation
Account Number: 01280601
Sortcode: 30-00-83

Donate to POL

Account Name: Purpose of Life
Account Number: 29617668
Sortcode: 30-90-57
Key Facts

About Qurbani


Qurbani meat is distributed to friends, families and the most needy.


When a sacrifice is performed the knife is sharpened to a degree as to inflict as little pain as possible.


Qurbani is the sunnah of the prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismail (AS) showing their devotion and sacrifice to the Almighty

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