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Welcome to the NEW Muslim Food Guide website

We would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt support and dua’s for this latest achievement.

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It is intended that this web site will act as a supplement to the current 3rd Edition of the MFG. If you do not have a copy of the MFG you may order now.

As you are aware Halaal is fundamental to the Muslim diet. No home can be considered Muslim if it does not differentiate between Halaal and Haraam, and accept Halaal as Halaal and Haraam as Haraam. For Allah Ta’ala has commanded us to eat pure and wholesome food.

"O Believers eat of the good things wherewith we have provided you, and give thanks to Allah, If it is He whom you worship." Surah, Baqarah Verse 172.

The MFG is one attempt to fulfil this injunction and has now achieved such a wide readership that many Muslim homes use it as standard text. It’s unique size fitting easily into a pocket or handbag making identification easy as well as becoming a necessary item for the weekly trip to the supermarket!

With the advancement in technology progressing so fast we feel that the only feasible way of informing the public of changes in the Halaal market is through the world wide web. Many consumers may question not having certain access to the internet, well we are now pretty sure that most consumers can get access to a family or friends computer, through the mobile phone and at the local library.

Many Muslims write directly to companies and receive varied replies, this sometimes contradicts our findings. Our questionnaire is a standard one sent to all major companies and the response is the information you see in the form of the MFG. It is painstaking research that has to be analysed, sifted and thereafter collated to form the Guide.

Another exciting development in the near future is the HALAAL LOGO. As the MFG becomes the benchmark for Halaal products we have been inundated with requests for companies to issue them a Halaal logo or certificate. Insha-Allah, keep a look out for products with the MFG HALAAL LOGO, this willbe your guarantee of products authenticated by
The Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence.

We have included a glossary at the end to assist you in understanding the various terms used in this section. Our recommendations to you, the consumer, is
• Read labels before buying food, understand the ingredients
• Note the expiry date.
• Recognise the difference between food nutrients and preservatives.
• Know the sources of Food Preservatives.
• Consult specialist and references [MFG] before arriving at a conclusion
• Be careful, if it's "suitable for vegetarians" it does not mean that it's "suitable for Muslims"

At the time of publication of the 3rd Edition of the MFG (January 2000) allinformation contained was correct but we urge all our readers, consumers,retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to be vigilant, it is yourresponsibility. It is for this reason also that the web site has been created.


We hope your shopping is made easier with it and that it creates awareness in your children to identify Food as Halaal, Haraam or Masbooh. We also wish to thank all who assisted in making this guide possible. May Allah Ta’ala reward you. Humbly
[Mufti] Yusuf Sacha
[Mufti] Faheem Mayet

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